These are the names of two Waterford History books


Colm Long

Random Waterford History

This book presents Waterford's 1,100 year history in diary form, with each daily entry recalling a significant event in the life of the city. While some of the content will be familiar to the reader, the book also includes some interesting titbits which may not be quite so well-known. Accounts of shipwrecks and plane crashes are mingled with stories of Waterford personalities from throughout the centuries. Find out about the Waterford connection to the only Wimbledon player ever to be convicted of murder, and discover the facts surrounding the first X-ray to be taken in Ireland. This day by day approach provides a colourful insight into the history of Waterford  “the untaken city”

Waterford Through Time

Waterford Through Time consists of a then-and-now picture book, containing old photographs/postcards of Waterford each paired with a new photograph in full colour, to show how the same scene, or a related one, has changed over time. Each pair of photographs has a short descriptive caption.

This book is part of the award winning Amberley Publishing "Through Time" Series, with over 500,000 copies sold world wide. Waterford Through Time is one of six publications in Ireland including Dublin Through Time, Cork Through Time, Galway Through Time, West Cork Through Time, & Cork Harbour Through Time

1st  December 2014

Waterford Through Time is finally finished and printed. It is published by Amberely Publishing and is now available in The Book Centre in Waterford. Hopefully it will also be available in other outlets, I will publish details as soon as possible.

Below are some pairs of Waterford  images already posted on social media

October 2013

"The origin of Random Waterford History comes from my use of the social media service Twitter. For those readers unfamiliar with it, Twitter allows a user to send short text-based messages, called tweets, to your followers. Having adopted the pseudonym Urbs Intacta  when I joined twitter, I quickly found myself tweeting about Waterford and following people from Waterford. As I was reading some Waterford history books at the time, I began to tweet interesting historical facts, especially if I came across something which happened on that particular day. In order to introduce a common theme, I always started with the heading Random #Waterford History (the use of the hashtag # enables other users to easily find tweets relevant to Waterford). I began scouring history books to find references for more dates, and before I knew it I had a database of entries for most days of the year. It was a logical step to consider publishing this in book form."

Colm Long  October 2013     

Random Waterford History was launched by the Deputy Mayor of Waterford Cllr. Mary Roche on Saturday November 16th at 3pm in Central Library, Lady Lane, Waterford.

From the Munster Express

From the Waterford News and Star


Random Waterford History

€ 20 

Book Price €15

Post & Packaging €5

Another Waterford book was also published in November 2013. A Guide to Wildlife Walks in Waterford was written by the renown author Declan McGrath. Declan had written a number of wildlife books and full details can be found on the following link.

The photo below shows both Declan and Colm indicating who had written the best book.